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Every year we create the largest ice fishing village community in Ontario and the one of the largest in Canada!

Welcome to Oziles' Marina and Tackle Shop

Oziles' Marina and Tackle

Oziles is the gateway to beautiful Petrie Island. Petrie Island is comprised of the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve, Stuemer Beach, and the Al Tweedle picnic area. With these three features Petrie Island offers many potential year round activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families!

The Oziles Marina and Tackle shop at Petrie Island is your number one stop for boating and fishing services in the Ottawa area. We are also host to one of the largest ice fishing communities in the Ottawa area.

At Oziles' we offer canoe and kayak rentals, tackle, live bait, storage, docking, small engine repairs, boat launch and ice fishing. Our store hours vary by the season but we are open year round, seven days a week.

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Hurst Marina announced as a major sponsor for Derby

Hurst Marina

Hurst Marina will be one of the major sponsors in the upcoming ice fishing derby at Petrie Island on February 18, 2017. The annual derby will take place in our ice fishing village in Baitshop Bay and is organized by our local ice fishing community, The Petrie Island Ice Fishermen's Association.

Tournament organizers Rick Beaudoin and Christine Tessier have been working overtime at organizing this derby in support of CHEO. All profits raised on derby day will go to the CHEO Foundation to help and aid sick kids in our area.

As with all PIIFA derbies, this is an invitational event. It is exclusively for the hut owners of Petrie Island, their invited guests, and people renting huts from Oziles in Baitshop Bay. Visitors are always welcome to stop by the watch the action on the ice and witness the prize presentations after the event.

With the anticipated crowd on derby day, visitors are urged to park on Trim Road and walk down on to the ice.

Visit the Hurst Marina Website >>>

Ice Fishing Derby Planned for Petrie Island

PIIFA 2017 Ice Fishing Derby

PIIFA, our local ice fishing community is planning another ice fishing derby. The derby coincides with Ontario's Family Fishing Week-end on February 18. The week-end is a province-wide opportunity for Canadian residents to fish Ontario waters without the otherwise mandatory fishing version outdoors card.

Over the years, the derby has raised money for various local charities but CHEO has been the benefactor for the past few years.

Derby contestants compete for prizes in 3 categories: the largest legal fish; the largest panfish; and the smallest legally caught fish. Al Macintyre, the President of PIIFA, tells us there will also be lots of participation prizes and there will a 50/50 draw to raise even more money for CHEO. He also said, "Don't go home after the derby because we always have some great entertainment that will last well in to the evening."

As with all PIIFA derbies, this is an invitational event. It is exclusively for the hut owners of Petrie Island, their invited guests, and people renting huts from the Oziles Marina in Baitshop Bay. If you are interested in organizing a derby or fundraiser at Petrie Island, please contact us or check out our fundraising page to see how.

Complete details on the PIIFA website >>>

Ontario Ice Fishing Hut and Resources Directory

Ontario Ice Fishing Resources

Oziles' recently hooked up with the Ontario Ice Fishing Hut and Resources Directory. Their site contains many informational documents and resources relative to winter and ice fishing at Petrie Island.

Go to their website >>>

Saving yourself in an emergency

The video is painful to watch but it might help save you in an emergency.

Most know the basics of safety on the ice but this video is a vivid refresher of what to do when you are alone and go through the ice. This video describes what occurs to your body after falling through the ice and how to perform a self rescue. The video was performed under the supervision of trained Fire & EMS professionals. Water depth was 10 feet and a life jacket was used as a safety precaution.

Watch the video on YouTube >>>

AED Plus Defibrillator

AED Defibrillator now at Oziles'

Something every public place in Ontario should have.

We recently received our new AED (automatic defibrillator). This unit, made by Zoll, provides voice commands for not only the use of the unit but also when doing chest compressions. It’s a fool proof unit that we hope we will never need to use. It is located in the store near the office door. If anyone would like to get a brief explanation of its use here’s a link to a video:

The Zoll defibrillator on YouTube >>>

Oziles' Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Oziles'

Our gift certificates are the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything.

Looking for something unique to give at Christmas? How about a one day ice-fishing package! Includes everything needed (except fishing license) for an adventurous day on the ice with a cozy ice chalet!

Oziles' gift certificates are available in any denomination. Stop by the Oziles' Marina store or call us at 613-841-0778 for more information or to purchase your gift certificate.

Petrie Island ice hut condo

A look at our new Ice Condo!

The new Oziles' ice condo is just about ready for the upcoming ice fishing season!

Kudo's to the build team for such a great looking building. The ice condo is designed and built as two attached halves so it can pull out on the ice as two 8x16 sections, bolted together on the ice and you have a 16x16 of ice condo ready for groups and families! Heated with an oil furnace, dual burner propane cooktop and convertible benches all round. Now all we need is some ice!

Details on how to rent an ice fishing hut at Petrie Island >>>

A walk around our ice village in Google Street View

If you can't make it on the ice at Petrie Island, we have the next best thing! Google Street View on the ice!

Google Street View at Petrie Island

Google Street View, the feature on Google Maps that shows high-resolution street-level images on the internet, is now at Petrie Island.

Limited to the west end of Baitshop Bay, you can go for a walk on the ice and see the blurred faces of some of our most famous ice fishermen.

It all begins near the bait shop where summer turns to winter as soon as you go through the entrance gates of Oziles.

Head down the road to the ramp and on to the ice road. Continue to where you see all the fishermen and see if you recognize anyone. Even more impressive about this Street View is you can actually walk in to several ice shacks near the fishermen.

Start the Street View tour at the bait shop >>>
Go right to the fishermen on the ice >>>

Winter Services at Oziles' Marina and Tackle

The Oziles' bait shop

The Oziles' Baitshop

The Oziles' baitshop carries everything for your ice fishing needs. We are open daily until 5:00 PM.

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ice hut storage at Petrie Island

Ice Shack Storage

Enjoy the winter months in your ice hut and store your ice hut at our secure ice hut storage area near Petrie Island.

Find out about our hut storage >>>

Petrie Island ice fishing

Complete Ice Fishing

The Petrie Island area is home to some of the best ice fishing in Ottawa, and Oziles' gives you access to this beautiful fishing spot.

Rent an ice hut >>>

Summer Services at Oziles' Marina and Tackle

Ottawa Marina services

Marina Services

Oziles' at Petrie Island offers a complete range of marina services, making us one of the leading full service marinas in the eastern Ottawa area.

Our Marina Services >>>

Oziles' boat launch

Boat Launch

Oziles has easy small and large boat launch ramps for quick access to the Ottawa River. Boat launches at Oziles are by the trip or by the season.

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summer rentals at Oziles'

Summer Rentals

Enjoy the Ottawa River today with one of our boat rentals! Whether you're looking for a row boat, kayak, canoe, or paddle boat we have the rentals for you.

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Oziles' boat and trailer storage

Our Storage Services

Oziles' Marina and Tackle has safe and secure winter storage for all types of boats and trailers and summer storage for your ice fishing hut.

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