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Our marina is the gateway to beautiful Petrie Island. Petrie Island is comprised of the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve, Stuemer Beach, and the Al Tweedle picnic area. With these three features Petrie Island offers many potential year round activities for outdoor enthusiasts and families!

Our marina and tackle shop at Petrie Island is your number one stop for boating and fishing services in the Ottawa area. We are also host to the largest ice fishing community in the Ottawa area.

We are a full service marina and also offer canoe and kayak rentals, tackle, live bait, storage, boat launch and ice fishing. Our store hours vary by the season but we are open year round, seven days a week.

Marina Services

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Full Marina Services

We are a full service marina with docks, boat launches, rentals and more!

Boat Launch

We have launches for all sizes of boats and watercraft.

Boat and Trailer Storage

Oziles' offers some of the most convenient boat storage in the Ottawa area.

Ice Hut Storage

Oziles has a safe and secure area to store your ice hut when the season is over.

Ice Fishing Packages

We have a wide range of ice huts for rent, as well as complete ice fishing packages.

The Petrie Island Marina Store

The Oziles' Marina store carries everything you need for boating and fishing.

Our History

Petrie Island is located in Ottawa's east end. It is actually a group of islands but generally they are referred to as Petrie Island.

The islands were formed from clay and sand deposited following the end of the last ice age. The area's first inhabitants were probably Middle Archaic Indians in about 6,000 B.C. and then later by the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians from about 1,000 B.C.

In colonial times, it was the route to the west used by natives and Europeans. The first recorded Europeans to travel past Petrie Island on their way to the west were Etienne Brule and Samuel Champlain. The Jesuits and the fur traders were the first Europeans to use the route on a regular basis and the Iroquois used it for raiding parties against the Hurons. The first settlers moved into the area in 1800's and farmed as well as lumbered the area.

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